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As per the person the boss, this time longqiao Tujia township good development burley smoking 1785 massive areas, flue-cured smoking 1238 massive areas, according towards burley smoking per mu Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online get of three catty, 9. 5 yuan in every catty, flue-cured smoking per mu get of 240 catty, fifteen yuan in every catty towards calculate, realize source value greater than 9 k yuan, disk drive the township 6 communities (home) villagers profit.

At duration, the Wholesale Cigarettes Store township even continued towards consolidate typically the tobacco starting point supporting commercial infrastructure construction, earnings investment from 50 k yuan, the construction of just one, 171 smoking drying stores, 46. check out kilometers from hardening rd, new off-road stone rd 70. 5 km's, not basically improved typically the rural making Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons and surviving conditions, but more realized typically the fiscal not to mention tax money and smoking farmers profit "double harvest".

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