New Drop Nike Air Force 1 Low Debut With Reflective Mid-Foot Panels

New Drop Nike Air Force 1 Low Debut With Reflective Mid-Foot Panels

Since its debut in the early 1980s, Nike Air Force 1 Low has played a vital role in the brand’s success, so it’s no secret that Nike is preparing to launch a hot Air Force 1 Low in 2022. . However, before the announcement of all the celebration plans, this silhouette has shown various personal efforts and now includes a white and "laser orange" combination featuring non-standard reflective panels. Most sports shoes maintain the traditional structure, but the mid-foot panel and the cover on the top of the heel provide a refreshing, functional reflective finish. The brand is immersed in a vibrant citrus hue throughout the upper and only unit that has appeared in other Nike sportswear propositions for the past two years. However, it is overshadowed by the design choices mentioned above, which may appear in the 40th anniversary celebration of Nike Air Force 1.

New Drop Jordans made its debut a few months ago, the Max Air proposal inspired by 2000 already has an impressive color scheme. In addition, there is a shoe with multiple colors selected in a subtle fashion. This style starts with a base of white mixed materials, allowing vibrant hues to pop out. On the middle sides of the feet, the panels have been dyed purple and sporty soft green profile swooshish. Pastel mixing is also done by coloring some decals on the front near the tongue and lace. A faint red was applied to the heel ring as another gentle hue into the scheme. These pastels are satisfied to complete the subtle color design at the foot.

Adidas YEEZY SLIDE was very popular last year, but it has little effect on Kanye West's $1 billion empire. However, its upcoming "green glow" color scheme is bound to change this. YEEZY MAFIA confirmed at the end of May that this casual style is more proof of Ye Shiwen's influence and understanding of the product. Two-piece YEEZYs are often the "jokes" of jokes, but their comfort has been praised by those who ignore the unconventional design and buy these shoes (whether in retail or elsewhere). The Adidas brand has been removed from the footbed of casual shoes, and the rest of the eva has no logo. However, an eye-catching green color helped the cheapest YEEZY make a statement.


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